-Thao L. and Athena

Athena loves Gerry and so does her friends. Woofwalks provides canine-friendly off-leash dog hikes but in my case, Athena friendly and Athena specific adventures. My dog loves to romp and explore off-beaten paths on her own while checking in with the pack. Everyone including the owner knows my dog and I so well. We adore the level of attention to detail and customer service. These reviews are genuine and these people love dogs!

-Robin P. and Sharky

Our dog Sharky comes home happy, satisfied, and exhausted from walking with her dog walker, Gerry 3-4 times per week in the off leash pack. Easy and stress-free communication via their handy scheduling app which emails me every time she is dropped off with a cute note about her walk from her perspective, which is so fun to read! I really can’t recommend Woofwalks and Gerry enough. They walk a few dogs in our building and I’ve never heard a single complaint. Sharky and I are very happy to be part of the Woofwalks clan!!!

-Lisa S. and Tux

Woofwalks has been amazing for my dog, Tux. I had a lot of anxiety about finding the right fit for Tux after a couple of tries elsewhere. From the moment we had a meet and greet with Jarred, I could tell that he truly loves dogs and that his energy is perfect for them. Tux has been hiking with Jarred for about a year now, and he’s always super happy and tired when I come home. Thanks!

-Nahla L. and Pup

Woofwalk is the best! I have worked with different walkers in the past but Gerry is something else! He is AMAZING!! He is very kind and communicative and the most important is that the dogs absolutely love him. Kate has also been very understanding and responsive the times I had to make changes to the dogs’ walking schedule! Thank you all!!

-Gail Gordon & Boo

We have used Woof Walks for 10 years now and have always found Stacey and her crew to be caring, fun, considerate and loving to our dog, Boo. He knows what day his walk is and will wait by the window for them to pick him up. We have had a wonderful experience and highly recommend Woof Walks.

-Tara Siler & Buster Gonzales

Our dog Lupe so looks forward to her weekly walk! She’s been with Woofwalks since we adopted her as a rescue dog more than four years ago. Woofwalks continues to be great for her socialization with other dogs as well as with humans! Stacey has also provided helpful training advice to address some of Lupe’s little behavior “quirks.”

-Mark, Keitha & Barkley

Woofwalks was recommended to us by friends almost 4 years ago, and we have not been disappointed yet! After Barkley’s first one-on-one session he came back to us a more obedient pooch. Barkley adores Stacey and Glenn; he waits patiently with excitement by the door on his Woofwalk excursion days. Woofwalks is hands down the best doggie service in the Bay Area!


“I love Woofwalks!” says Bella. “I can”t wait to go running with my buddies! I also am keeping my trim girlish figure with all this exercise. My ‘mom and dad’ like Woofwalks, too! “Jaime comes to my house to pick me up and drives me back home about an hour later. “When my ‘mom and dad’ go on trips, I can spend the whole time at Woofwalks and visit, play and run everyday with my pals.” If you are thinking of a place to have your pup cared for, Woofwalks is an excellent choice.


Woofwalks has been the warm welcome we’ve been looking for our pup since we moved to the Bay Area. In just a few short weeks, Paddington transformed from a city dog to California trailblazer. We’ve been hesitant to let him off a leash – a Wheaten is known to wander – but Stacey was fabulous in dedicating extra time to ensure he was responsive and comfortable on the trails. Now he’s part of the pack and couldn’t be happier. Although I’m admittedly jealous to be missing out on the fun, I LOVE seeing the pictures and videos on Facebook!! It’s clear our little guy is in great hands while we are away.


Woofwalks has been a lifesaver for us. When I moved to the Bay Area with a toddler and an infant, I was so grateful when I found Woofwalks to take Jones for a really good run away from the kids a couple of times a week. He was healthier and happier once he started with Woofwalks. When I became very ill several years ago, I wasn’t able to take Jones out for his daily walks. Woofwalks came to the rescue again, taking Jones for daily walks. We feel so fortunate to have such a trustworthy, reliable, and caring partner in taking care of our dog.