Board and Train

Congratulations on deciding to do a Board and Train program with Stacey Wiley at Woofwalks.

Your dog’s behavior will improve dramatically here at Stacey’s home, but the real key in getting the behavior you want from your dog lies in the transition to your home environment. Your training program comes with 5 follow-up training sessions. The success of the program absolutely depends upon scheduling and carrying out these follow-up sessions. Please consider the months that follow your dog’s stay, including the five lessons, as second part of the program, when you implement the techniques and behaviors you learn from Stacey.

All follow-up training must be completed within four months after the dog has gone home, unless Stacey is unable to meet for any reason beyond her control (i.e. scheduling conflicts or health issues).

    We require a 50% non-refundable deposit, so please be certain of your decision to proceed.

    By clicking the box above, you are indicating that you understand the deposit policy and that all follow-up lessons must be completed within four months of the go-home date.

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