• Very cozy home environment for your dog
• Big deck and back yard for romping and playing
• Very limited availability, so schedule early
• Client provides pet’s food, delivery and pick-up

$55/day – weekly dog walking clients
$60/day – everyone else

Boarding rate is a per night charge. If your dog is dropped off before 3:00 pm, there is an additional charge for that day. If your dog is picked up/dropped off by Woofwalks, we will charge $25 per pick-up and drop-off off, unless it is a regular walk day for a regular client (in this case it is only $15 added to their hike fee). Woofwalks must approve pick-up and drop-off arrangements prior to first boarding date.

Holiday rates – add $10/day

Easter Weekend (Fri., Sat., & Sunday night)
Memorial Day Weekend (Fri, Sat., Sun., & Mon. night)
4th of July Week (varies each year)
Labor Day Weekend (Fri., Sat., Sun., & Mon., night)
Thanksgiving (Wednesday through Sunday night)
Christmas/New Year’s (December 21st through January 2nd)

Boarding FAQs

What’s a typical day of boarding like?
At the main house, the day starts between 7-8 for a morning potty break. Then, the pups get a couple of hours of play time. They usually go for an hour off-leash trail hike (on weekdays only) in the late morning or early afternoon. They come home and nap for a few hours. Early evening they have more playtime. Then they are brought up for dinner and treats in the evening (around 7). Everyone hangs out for relaxing tv time, and they have a last potty break at 10 pm. Most pups sleep in the bedroom, except for those who are more comfortable in the adjoining room. We have crates for dogs who feels prefer them. We figure out the best situation for each dog.

How many dogs do you take at a time?
In addition to our three personal dogs, we accept 4 to 6 dogs, depending on their size and temperament.

What should I bring for my dog?
In most cases, all you need to bring is your dog’s food, and the boarding information sheet that we’ll send along for you to fill out. If your dog is taking any medication, be sure to include that too and write instructions on your boarding information page. It’s best not to bring toys, beds, etc. as they may be subject to the whims, drool, claws, and teeth of other fun-loving pups. We have all the toys and beds they need.

Is training included in their boarding experience?
In most cases, yes. Stacey is a professional trainer, and the contractors who do boarding for us are trained to handle most behavior issues, with the exception of dogs who are aggressive towards other dogs or towards people. We will be able to assess your dog during the Boarding Intake interview to establish whether or not he or she is eligible.