Our History

Stacey Wiley first began Woofwalks in back in 2000 to be able to spend more time with her pups, Scout and Giotto. She started taking out small groups of dogs and opened her home to her client’s dogs when they needed boarding. Since then, Woofwalks has been happily walking packs of dogs through the Oakland Hills. We’ve built strong relationships with our clients and they and their dogs have become family to us.

Within our first year, we adopted Boris, a four-month old German shepherd. Little did we know that he had been bred for police work and we didn’t have the slightest idea how to handle a dog of that caliber. We found Rick Sanders, a Master Dog Trainer in Castro Valley, who specializes in aggression, fears & also worked with dogs for the Contra Costa Police Department. What we learned through Boris’ training we applied to our pack and the results were amazing. We integrate basic obedience on every outing since we’ve seen how easy it is and how much the dogs love the challenge. Stacey has been training professionally since 2004 and appliesher growing knowledge to our wonderful dogs on the trail.