Staff Bios

Meet The Woofwalks Walkers

Cropped version - Gerry, Sabine, Lucky on Brittle Leaf Trail

Gerry Goodman

Gerry and his wife Lynne moved to Oakland from New York in 2010. They are very happy with their California life, from the weather to the people. And Gerry LOVES being a Woofwalks Walker . . . “Fresh air, sunshine, exercise and the company of dogs,” he says “what’s not to like!”






Jarred Myers

Jarred is Woofwalks senior dog walker and absolutely loves his job. He is great handling the dogs and even adopted one of his client’s dogs, when they no longer could care for her! In his spare time, Jarred reviews pocket knives for companies and has his own YouTube channel.


Alexandra Pilker

Alexandra is a rock star, no other way to describe her. She is hard working, dedicated to the dogs, active, and the dogs just love Alex!





Shawn Duyette

Shawn is one of the new members of the Woofwalks pack! He is enjoying getting to know the dogs and being outdoors. Shawn is kind, thoughtful and really able to connect with your loved ones!









Nora McDonough

Nora is the newest member of the Woofwalks Pack!  She hikes dogs with Woofwalks Monday through Thursdays. Nora is dependable, caring, hard-working and enjoys her time outdoors, hiking dogs.  








Noelle Lautt

Noelle has been hiking for Woofwalks for about a year now! She is an Oakland / Piedmont native and is thrilled to be around your dogs every day. Bonus is that she will always show up at your house with a smile and the dogs just love her. Noelle is also in school and hoping to finish her degree in the next year or so.