Staff Bios

Cropped version - Gerry, Sabine, Lucky on Brittle Leaf Trail

Gerry Goodman

Gerry and his wife Lynne moved to Oakland from New York in 2010. They are very happy with their California life, from the weather to the people. And Gerry LOVES being a Woofwalks Walker . . . “Fresh air, sunshine, exercise and the company of dogs,” he says “what’s not to like!”





Jarred Myers

Jarred is Woofwalks senior dog walker and absolutely loves his job. He is great handling the dogs and even adopted one of his client’s dogs, when they no longer could care for her! In his spare time, Jarred reviews pocket knives for companies and has his own YouTube channel.


Alexandra Pilker


Abby Caruso

Abby is the life of the party, with her big smile and dedication to making sure the dogs have a good time!


Sophia Perkis

Sophia has been apart of Woofwalks for a few years now and far from new to the gig! She did off leash excursions throughout San Francisco for several years and finally decided to walk dog where she lives, in the East Bay!  Sophia also works park time at a farm and loves being around animals full time!

Noelle Lautt
Noelle is the newest member to the Woofwalks pack! She is an Oakland / Piedmont native and is thrilled to be around your dogs every day.