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Helping Good Dogs Become Great Dogs

Woofwalks offers customized training programs to target your specific needs. We can successfully rehabilitate the overly aggressive as well as the overly friendly dog. Whether you have a puppy and just need basic obedience, or you have a 10-year-old people-aggressive Pit Bull, we can create a program to work with your particular needs. We offer two training options: our Woofwalks Training Camp or our hourly Canine-Human Coaching.

Woofwalks Training Camp

We don’t teach tricks, your dog will not learn how to pick up a quarter off the ground or learn to balance on a fire hydrant. Woofwalks Training Camp is designed for people who would like a more focused dog in highly distractive environments. Our program also benefits owners whose dogs have tried reward-based training and have been turned away, told their dog was lacking in some sense, or told their dog is untrainable. We believe every dog is 100% trainable and our goal is to help those owners see the amazing potential that each dog has in them. Our program covers all the basics for happy ownership – heeling, down-stay, recall training, downs at a distance, controlling prey drive, & lots of games to reinforce training as well. What we also cover is any behavioral issues that might come up: barking, digging, chewing, house-training, fears, phobias, & aggression towards other animals or people. When your pup comes to Woofwalks Training Camp, we work on three levels of training, & you will see quick results if you are dedicated to following the program 100%.

Woofwalks Training Camp FAQ’s

1. How long will my dog be boarded?
For most cases, it’s between 1-2 weeks, depending on the dog and the severity of the behaviors. For a young pup with few instilled bad habits, it can be less than a week. For the adult male human-aggressive intact Pit Bull, it could be a many as three weeks. We evaluate based on individual cases.

2. How much does it cost?
Woofwalks Training Camp runs from $1500 – $3000, depending on age, size, temperament, and severity of issues.

3. Do I pay more if my dog has to stay longer?
No. If we decide we need more time to work with your dog, it does not affect the cost.

4. Why would my dog need to stay longer than originally planned?
Our evaluations can’t cover every potential situation. If during your dog’s stay, we realize that he has a sever phobia of stairs, or buses, or an previously unknown aggression towards household appliances or small dogs, then we will ask to keep him longer so we can learn more about the issue and how to best address it.

5. What does the Woofwalks Training Camp include?
It includes the boarding, plus 5 private lessons. The first lesson takes place at the time when your pup goes home. It is a comprehensive two-hour lesson where we will cover your new schedule, reintroducing the home to your pooch, and give you all the information you will need to work with your dog until the next lesson. We prefer to schedule this lesson on a Friday, or any day where you will have the next couple of days to really work with the new routine. The subsequent lessons can take place wherever you feel you need the most work. If your main issues take place in your home and neighborhood, then that’s where we will work. If you’d like to get better control in an off-leash environment with kites and skateboards and circus clowns, we will work with you in that environment (we may have to hire the clowns).

6. How long does it take?
Once we send you home with your new & improved dog, the schedule is really up to you. We understand that life gets really busy, and we may not have as much time as we’d like to dedicate to our dog’s training, so the training moves at whatever pace you choose. After every lesson, we give you homework to work on. Once you become
bored with the exercises we’ve given you, then you’re ready to move on and schedule your next lesson. For best results, we strongly encourage you to complete the lessons within 6 months. Since we build on each success, it’s really important to not have too much time go by between lessons.

7. What do I need to bring with my dog to Training Camp?
All you really need to bring is enough food for their entire stay, as well as any medications. You are welcome to bring a bed and any toys, although be aware the toys may not find their way back home with him.

8. What kind of guarantee is there?
Just like with any program, any varying from curriculum will lessen the results. If you are dedicated to being your dog’s pack leader 100% of the time, then he will be your dedicated follower 100% of the time. However, if you are only leading him 80% of the time, then he will listen to you 80% of the time. It all depends on how consistent you
are with the program.

9. What methods of training do you do?
Our philosophy is based on strong leadership with calm, assertive energy. The root of the work “obedience” is “to listen,” and creating clear communication between human and dog is always the only way for us to live in harmony with our dogs. Training happens all the time with your dog, whether you are aware of it or not. With a calm, assertive touch, your dog will respond to you, respect you, and actively want to please you when you consistently show him you are his pack leader. Training should never include yelling or hitting, being frustrated or angry, because your dog will never follow a leader that exhibits such an unstable energy.

10. Is there anything else I should know?
We want to be perfectly clear that when you send your dog to Woofwalks Training Camp, it by no means that we do all the work for you. We pave the way for you to create a successful and happy relationship with your dog and all who meet him. While we instill the basics, your dog will only respond to you when you have put in the time and effort to build that relationship. There will be many new restrictions and rules for the first 3-4 months of training, and if you can commit to this regiment, we know you’ll get the results you want. However, if you only pick and choose which rules to enforce, then you won’t get the results you paid for. You can’t expect someone to learn algebra without understanding basic arithmetic, and it’s the same with our Training Camp. We build upon each success, and the rules, boundaries, and limitations that we put in place ensure that your dog will succeed.

11. Do you teach tricks?
No, we don’t teach tricks.

Level 1 – Basic Obedience

We focus on instilling the basics like heeling (walking next to us on a loose leash), down-stays (expecting your dog to stay in a down even if there are ten dog running around playing), & recall training (coming when called, even if there’s a cat running past him in the opposite direction). We believe in training our dogs to respond to us in a crisis situation, since that is when it is of the utmost importance that they respond to us. We teach you games that help hone in their prey drive, encouraging them to always have an ear for your voice commands. In instilling this training, we can allow ourselves and our dogs to enjoy playing and interacting in all environments with complete confidence that they will respond to us when we need them to.

Level 2 – Fears, Phobias, Aggression

We also work on any behavioral issues that your pup may have, from jumping and barking, to more destructive behaviors like chewing and digging. We also successfully address more severe problems like aggression towards people or other dogs. If your dog has fear of loud noises, or the ironing board, or the vacuum cleaner, we will work with them on everything that you request, as well as any behavior that come up during their stay with us.

Level 3 – Dog Aggression, Safety, Control

In this day and age, it is extremely important for you and your dog to feel safe and have only positive experiences when meeting and interacting with other dogs and their owners. Working in a live environment and challenging your dog with new and exciting experiences is the best training for both dog and owner. We provide extensive training to teach you to read you and other dog’s body language so that you can make an informed decision as to whether it will be a safe and happy meeting or playtime. We practice role playing to prepare you for meeting other owners and their pets, so that you can broaden your dog’s experiences in a positive and constructive way. We provide you with the tools you’ll need to confidently handle your dog in any situation.

Hourly Canine-Human Coaching

For less severe cases, we often recommend an hourly coaching session. If your only issue is on-leash dog aggression, or you just want to work on recall training, or just fear of loud noises, then this is the answer. Even in the course of one hour, we can address many behaviors successfully. Many clients book hourly consults over the course of several weeks, so they can receive homework and then are ready for more material as they see more success with their dogs. Whatever your issues are, we are confident that we can address them quickly and effectively.

Our Canine-Human Coaching sessions are $120 per hour within our service area

(Oakland/San Leandro/Castro Valley)

If you are outside our service area, then a travel fee may be added. If your dog is a high-energy dog, we recommend that they be walked before their lesson so they can have better focus. If your dog is low-energy, then we ask that he not be exercised so we can get the most out of the training. Be aware of the weather, as on hot days, your dog’s energy level may be affected. It is also helpful that you (humans) are alert and well rested, since we do cover quite a bit of material and are often physical in our handling exercises. If you’ve had a rough day and feel that you aren’t up to our lesson, please let us know, since our goal is for both you and your dog to get the most out of our time together.