Walks / Hikes


We service most parts of Oakland and San Leandro. Please contact us to see if your address is on one of our routesYou pup will have no less than one hour of non-stop romping good times. We’ll pick up your pup and take him out to the best leash-free parks in the area. All our dogs are very friendly and our emphasis is on training, socialization, & exercise. The total time they’ll spend out of the house ranges from 1.25 to 3 hours. Our goal is to frequent safe and fun parks with big, open spaces for good long runs, and allow our pups to play to their heart’s content.

We pick up our pups mid-morning or mid-day, occasionally earlier if the day looks especially hot. We head out to the park of the day and heel each pup out to a down-stay. After all the dogs are calm, we heel the group to the off-leash area and release each one from another down-stay. Then we’re off for playtime. Ball-throwing, tug of war, mud-wrestling are all favorite activities of our group.

We’re always paying great attention to the group to keep you updated on their
activities and health. Each day we leave a daily report card of their pick-up and drop-
off times, the condition of their stools, and anything usual they may have ingested,
plus a brief description of their day out. Usually crashed out in the truck on the ride
home, we bring them home exhausted and happy.

• Leash free excursions for your dog that can include up to six dogs per handler
• Integrated basic obedience from pick-up to drop-off at your home
• No less than one hour out of the car
• We walk in all weather (only in severe weather do we cancel walks)
• We do NOT go to dog parks
• Our trails are heavily shaded for hot days
• Our dogs are provided with clean, fresh water at all times
• Daily reports on your pet’s day out with their friends
• You are always welcome to join the pack on their walks
• Available Monday through Friday
• 1.25 to 3 hours total time out of house
• Discounts available for multiple dog households

On-leash Trail Hikes

• For dogs that can’t be off leash but still want a group trail hike experience
• For dogs with extreme high prey drive, inconsistent schedules, or very insecure dogs.
• Subject to availability

• Please refer to our Rates page for a further breakdown of our rates.